Which Commercial Heating System Is Right For Your Space?

Posted on: 16 December 2022


Having an efficient heating system can help keep energy costs in your commercial space low. It's important that you take the time to research available heating systems so that you can select the one that helps you strike the right balance between affordability and function.

Here are three potential heating systems to consider installing in your commercial building.

1. Ducted Heating System

A ducted heating system is what most people think of when asked to picture a furnace. Ducted heating systems rely on a network of air ducts connected to a furnace to distribute heat throughout a given space.

Installing a ducted system allows you to control the temperature of the entire building from a central thermostat. If you want to reduce the amount of heat distributed to a particular area, you can install dampers that will limit the amount of air moving through the vents in that zone.

Ducted heating systems are affordable, but they may not provide the type of customized heating a business with varying heating requirements requires.

2. Mini-Split Heating Systems

Mini-split heating systems are the most common type of ductless heating system found in commercial buildings.

These systems don't move heated air through a series of air ducts in order to raise the temperature in a commercial space. Instead, separate heating elements are installed within each zone of the building.

Separating the heating system into multiple zones gives you the ability to maintain different temperature settings in different spaces throughout your commercial building.

Mini-split heating systems are often installed in buildings without the space for overhead air ducts.

3. Heat Pump Heating Systems

If you have a large commercial space that you need to heat on a regular basis, a heat pump could be the best solution.

Heat pumps draw in outside air and run it over a series of condenser coils. These coils draw out any cool moisture in the air, which increases the temperature of the air supply. This warm air is then pumped throughout the commercial space.

Heat pump systems can be very efficient for commercial buildings located in a geographic zone that sees extreme temperature fluctuations. All heat pumps are equipped with a reversible valve that allows you to tell the heat pump whether you wanted to heat or cool your space.

Since you only need one piece of equipment with a heat pump, you can minimize your maintenance and repair costs over time.

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