Protocols That Can Help With Buying Shoulder Screws

Posted on: 5 October 2021


Shoulder screws are one of the more dynamic fastener choices today because of their multiple sections that vary in shape and size. If you are purchasing some, make these assessments before deciding on a set.

Make Sure the Threads Can't Strip

An important component of a shoulder screw is the thread portion. It is this part that will secure into a chosen material. If you want it to hold up, letting you use the same shoulder screws for a long time, make sure the threads can't strip. That is possible if you take time to properly review the strength of the material that you are driving shoulder screws into.

It should have a far superior strength rating compared to the rating of your shoulder screws because that can keep thread stripping from occurring. Make sure you are accurate in these strength assessments as to choose compatible shoulder screws. 

Utilize Heat Treatments

If you plan on using shoulder screws in demanding conditions where a lot of pressure is applied to them, then you should take advantage of heat-treated shoulder screws. They're considered high-strength and capable of holding up better than screws that do not have heat treatment. 

Just make sure you work with a fastener manufacturer that is experienced with this heat-treatment process. They need to be capable of applying a heat treatment over shoulder screws evenly where every part of these fasteners is protected out in the real world.

Review Component Being Supported by Shoulder Carefully 

The shoulder of shoulder screws won't have threads. Instead, it has a smooth surface and that's to support a rotating component. You need to carefully review this component to ensure it's supported by shoulder screws smoothly and safely long term. 

You might be trying to support some type of bearing; in order to do this effectively, you need to understand its dimensional properties and tolerances. Then it will be a lot easier to have the shoulder portion made with the right dimensions and materials. You can subsequently look forward to optimal rotating action for the foreseeable future, saving you inconvenient repairs and extensive troubleshooting. 

Shoulder screws are your best option for supporting rotating components on a system while remaining secure in other materials. Take your time looking at shoulder screw varieties and designs until you find a solution that is cost-effective, as well as beneficial to your projects in all of the right ways.