4 Important Facets of Routine Overhead Crane Service and Maintenance

Posted on: 16 February 2021


By all rights, your overhead cranes are some of the most important parts of your everyday work processes. When just one crane goes down, you can see a drastic decline in how functional your operation can be. Thankfully, with a good overhead crane service and maintenance plan, you can deter downtimes that come along with unexpected outages, damages, or repair needs. To keep your overhead cranes operating at full capacity without problems, use this list of important routine service and maintenance tasks.

1. Overhead Crane Load Testing 

Load testing is a form of overhead crane service that involves using weighted equipment to make sure the crane can properly handle the rated weight capacity the equipment is supposed to be able to handle. The process can take careful monitoring and should only be done by qualified professionals. Most overhead crane service and maintenance professionals can help you with load testing periodically to ensure your crane is effectively lifting at maximum capacity without issues. 

2. Overhead Crane Hoist Refurbishing 

The hoist is one of the components on an overhead crane that wears out the quickest with everyday operation. Since the hoist is in contact with the load, you can see the mechanisms break down with wear and tear. therefore, the hoist should be refurbished with new parts periodically to ensure the equipment can continue to operate safely. 

3. Overhead Crane Alignment 

Crane alignment involves calibrating the small moving parts on the crane so they run along the runway smoothly. The bearings and small parts that offer smooth movement across the runway can wear down and cause the hoist to move in an awkward fashion. To ensure absolute safety during crane operation, the crane runway mechanisms should be aligned and recalibrated by an overhead crane service professional regularly. 

4. Overhead Crane In-Depth Inspections 

Even though you will be doing routine maintenance inspections pretty much every day with an overhead crane in operation in your place of business, more in-depth inspections are necessary as well. The in-depth inspection looks deeper at some of the operational mechanisms of the crane, such as the electric system, safety sensors, and more. The periodic, in-depth assessment takes quite some time to complete, as all operating systems of the overhead crane will be examined in the process. Therefore, many business owners prefer to entrust local crane services. 

These are just a few aspects to understand. Contact overhead crane services to learn more.