Three Industries Where HDPE Sheets Are Used And Why

Posted on: 27 July 2020


High-density Polyethylene sheets are a type of plastic that is very popular in a wide variety of industries. This plastic is made from petroleum and cut to size from large sheets for a variety of uses. If you are interested in working with HDPE sheets in an industrial environment, here are three products and areas where it's used for its incredible resistance and other properties.

Corrosion Resistance And Boating

One of the best benefits of HDPE sheets is that it is highly resistant to the type of corrosion that usually occurs when materials are set outside. This makes it useful for use outdoors, as it can effectively resist insects, wind, rain, and even saltwater. As such, it is frequently used in maritime environments as it is one of the best materials to make an entire boat out of. There is even a type of HDPE plastic called AntiSkid HDPE that allows for stepping on and off the boat material with ease. This material's ability to resist corrosion from the near-constant friction of ocean water means that mariner equipment and materials can last longer than many other materials.

Food Work And Bacteria Resistance

One of the most common uses for HDPE sheets is the food industry, and the sheets are made into cutting boards, cabinets, and other foodservice applications. The durability and resistance of the sheets mean that cutting boards and other materials won't be damaged due to the various (sometimes acidic) juices present in food service, nor will bacteria get into the sheet. Plus, HDPE sheets are not only FDA approved for food service but can be made to have a texture that does not blunt knives.

Chemical Resistance For Industrial Tanks

The durability of HDPE plastic is a definite plus, but this material is also strongly resistant to various chemicals. In fact, it is used for lining industrial-sized tanks in the form of smooth HDPE. The resistance that HDPE sheets have also carry over to resisting the effects of chemical exposure over time, most notably in the form of anti-corrosion properties. This makes it an excellent choice for tanks holding a variety of liquids, as well as the customization abilities that HDPE sheets have. It can be used to protect tanks meant for anything from regular water to fracking lagoons.

HDPE plastic sheets are an invaluable resource for the industrial world as it can be used in a variety of contexts. It's resistance to corrosion from the elements, to chemical exposure, and other properties make it a great choice for boats, industrial tanks, and food service applications. These industries are great options for anyone looking to work with HDPE plastics sheets.

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