4 Tips To Help You Maintain Your Pivot Irrigation System

Posted on: 30 January 2020


Pivot irrigation systems are often an important part of agricultural operations. The problem with pivot irrigation systems is that they need a lot of maintenance, and sometimes they may need repairs. If you have a pivot irrigation system, you will want to know how to maintain and repair your system to ensure your crops stay healthy and your harvests are plentiful. The following tips will help you maintain your pivot irrigation system and complete some of the repairs that may be needed: 

Routinely Greasing Pivot Joints and Other Moving Parts That Often Wear Out and Need Replacing  

The best thing you can do to prevent the wear of your agricultural irrigation equipment is to make sure that moving parts stay greased. Therefore, you want to make sure to grease things like wheel assemblies, pivot joints, and anything that moves when the system is operational. This will help reduce wear and prevent problems that are often costly to repair.  

Checking the Pressure of Your Irrigation System to Ensure Everything Is Working as It Should  

Pressure can be a problem with agricultural irrigation systems. If you have too much pressure, it can cause leaks and damage parts like pivot joints. If the pressure is too low, then the system may not work properly and irrigate the crops as it should, and this can also cause damage to parts that are designed to be operated with a higher pressure. Therefore, you want to make sure that your systems have the correct pressure to be operated properly.  

Replacing Pivot Joints and Other Common Parts That Wear Out Due to the Everyday Use of Irrigation Systems  

Over time, there are some parts of irrigation systems that can wear out and need to be replaced. These are usually the moving parts that get the most abuse and more wear if they are not properly maintained. The pivoting joints are where you are going to see the most wear and need replacement parts, but other joints and connections are also vulnerable to wear and damage that requires repairs to be done. 

Checking Your Irrigation for Leaks and Other Problems That Can Cause Damage to Systems Over Time 

There are also problems with leaks that you may overlook with your irrigation system but that can cause serious problems, equipment wear, or even the systems to not work at all. Therefore, you want to routinely check your system for potential leaks that can lead to wear and serious damage. Vigilantly, repair these leaks to ensure everything is working as it should when the irrigation systems are turned on.  

These are some tips to help you with maintenance and repairs that your pivot irrigation system will need. If you need parts for repairs and maintenance, contact a supply service to get replacement pivot parts you may need for maintenance.