A Look At The Industrial Uses For Propane Fuel

Posted on: 16 January 2020


Industrial operations often rely on a range of fuel sources to keep everything powered. However, propane is one of the lesser-known fuel sources in industrial settings. Take a look at some of the industrial uses for propane fuel. 

Propane is a great alternative fuel source for forklifts

Forklifts are most often powered by batteries that are recharged with electricity. However, forklifts can also be powered by propane, which is something a lot of industrial business owners do not realize. Propane is a good source of fuel for forklifts because it is efficient, and unlike electric batteries that you have to wait on to charge, propane can be made readily available. Forklifts that operate with propane are fitted with a tank that delivers fuel to the engine. 

Propane can be used to power remote machinery

When your industrial operation is far away from city limits, it can be difficult to haul fuel to the worksite to keep your machinery powered. However, propane does not rely on electricity supplies or gas lines from public services to be available wherever it is needed. A tank can be set up in a remote location to deliver fuel to machinery; the tank just has to be refueled on a regular basis. For example, many gold mining operations choose to rely on propane for their dredging machines because they work in such remote locations that it can be difficult to keep other fuels readily available. 

Propane works well to fuel backup generators

Propane can be used to fuel backup generators, even though a lot of people rely on a different fuel source like gasoline or diesel. Propane is a highly efficient way to operate generators because it is clean-burning and offers a substantial amount of power without using a lot of fuel. The beauty of using propane to power backup generators is you can safely store a tank of fuel on-site that can be tapped into as needed to power the generators when the power goes out. Storing a tank of diesel or gasoline can be a bit more difficult to do. 

Propane gas is a highly versatile fuel source, and it serves a multitude of purposes across a lot of industries. If you are not currently using propane, it may be time to consider some changes. If you would like to know more about propane gas, reach out to a propane gas service for more information.