3 Keys to Purchasing Industrial Washers

Posted on: 13 January 2020


Washers play a very important role in the industrial field as they keep screws from loosening over time. If you need to buy some for an upcoming project, these tips will come in handy. 

Look for a Long-Lasting Design

So that you don't have to keep replacing the washers you buy over and over, you need to find a set that can really last a long time. This ultimately depends on the material that they're made out of. There are several good options today.

For example, stainless steel is the go-to option for many in this space because of how durable this material is. It will pretty much last through whatever it's put through. You can take durability up a peg by going with titanium. This is one of the most durable material options for industrial washers today. Just keep in mind that you may have to pay a little extra. 

Get an Optimal Size

There are all sorts of diameter sizes for industrial washers today. Since there is such a variety of options, you need to think about what screws these fasteners are going around. So that you know exactly what washer diameter size to get, measure the screws that you'll be using for this project. 

Just make sure you're as accurate as possible when assessing the diameter. With this measurement, you'll know exactly what diameter size your washers need to have. If you're worried about choosing incorrectly, you can always ask the supplier what washer size you need based on the screws you're working with. 

Implement Cost-Saving Strategies

If you know that industrial washers will be a regular component of your operations going forward, then you need to do everything you can to save money. This will free up your budget for other important parts.

Start by assessing rates from different suppliers. Right away, you should be able to see who's selling washers that work best for your particular budget. Also see if there are suppliers that would be willing to give you a discount if you buy a bulk order. This could shave hundreds off the total bill if you're lucky.

There are a lot of industrial activities that warrant the use of washers. If you're purchasing some, just make sure you focus on buying some that are affordable and high-quality and that have the right specs. Then you'll be able to circumvent a lot of issues that could cause you stress.