Tips For CNC Machining Repair And Maintenance

Posted on: 9 January 2020


Without a doubt, you need to get to know computer numerical control (CNC) machining if you work in the industrial and manufacturing business. CNC machines are a cornerstone of this field, which is why you should get an understanding of its nuances. This means understanding everything from what software is needed and what sort of coolant your machinery should use. Consider the points in this article as you look to get the most out of your CNC machining needs. 

Keep your specific CNC machine equipment up to date with software, hardware, and practices

When you know that you or your workforce will be handling CNC machines on a regular basis, your focus should be keeping your equipment up to date. Doing this means making sure that you are not only using the most capable software in your industry but that your version is also up to date. 

Check the serial number of your CNC machine so you can find out if it is still under warranty and what sort of hardware parts you should upgrade to. Get to know whether the machinery has ever dealt with recalls because the last thing you would want is to fail a compliance check. 

Be sure that you only staff CNC machining operators that you know to be skilled so that the work is handled correctly. 

Be sure that you are using a quality CNC lubricant and getting the repair work that you need

When you want your CNC machine to really serve you, it is important that you shop for an industrial CNC lubricant that can be helpful to you. For example, you can choose a quality milling machine lubricant that will be helpful to your motor, gaskets, bearings, air compressors, fan blades, and any other parts. 

Do your due diligence when shopping for these fluids to make sure that it has the correct viscosity rating and that you are using the correct amount. If you know that you will need any sort of extensive maintenance or repair on your CNC machinery, take the time to research the various professionals in your city. 

By going down the maintenance checklist and knowing that you will always have the repair work that you need, it will help you spend your money wisely and also ensure that your CNC machine is working correctly and giving you great service. 

Follow these points to get help with your CNC machining work.